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Our Horses

Eursinge Stables tries to breed a good sport horse (dressage). We will encourage our horses to compete at horse shows, either with our rider Karin, or if sold, by there new owners.
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A good sport horse is a healthy, willing, good-looking horse with a good walk, trot and canter. We always try to find the best matching stallion for our mare(s). We try to compensate (or better, to improve) the weaker parts of the mare by the stronger parts of the stallion.

Before we make a final decision about which stallion to choose, we try to see several foals or young offspring. We also visit many stallion shows and study their pedigree so that we can make a decision based on the proper statistics or the best arguments.


Once we have chosen the stallion, it takes good management to get the mare(s) pregnant. We always use the people at Hein Peeters' stallion station in Diever. They can provide us with seamen of any stallion we want to use. Our veterinarian Geert Weggemans is also available 3 times a week during the season at this station to inspect the mare(s).

Sport condition

To keep our horses in a good, healthy condition we use several specialists. We visit Drs. Gerrie van Oossanen on a regular basis. She is a horse physiotherapist who works closely with the Utrecht University for Animals.
Our farrier Sander van den Berg keeps our horses feet in the right condition. If necessary he can also make special horse shoes.