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Our sheep

On the next pages you will find several interesting items regarding to sheep in general and Hampshire Down in particular.
We have bred these kind of sheep for several years with good results. All our sheep are registered in the Dutch Hampshire Down studbook. We are since 2004 a scrapie-free breeding farm.
Kudde schapen

Next to our dressage horses we also breed sheep. Our Hampshire Down sheep are free of CAE and brucella and for scrapie they have a double set of "ARR" alleles, while sheep with the "VRQ" allele are the most susceptible. A simple blood test reveals the allele of the sheep and many countries are actively breeding away the VRQ allele. We often have rams for sale, but leasing is also an option. Leasing however is only available for those breeders who are CAE free themselves. We strongly advice breeders to register there new lambs with the studbook, but this is not required.

If you want to buy one or more of our sheep, we arrange a price by mutual arrangement. This also includes registration at your name by the studbook, a document regarding ARR/ARR alleles and a brucella and CAE free declaration.
Watch for our actual offer our page For Sale.


Our (young) rams have proven qualities and produce nice and strong offspring. The older ewes most of the years give two lambs. A first time ewe often produce one lamb.


Because we use about 4 ha meadow for our horses and sheep, luckily we are not so susceptible to infection. This stimulates a healthy first year for our lambs.